Thursday, July 31, 2008

McCain Campaign Announces Appointment of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears

The McCain campaign announced that two special positions were recently created. Paris Hilton has been appointed special director of fund raising for the state of California and Britney Spears has been appointed special director for relations with the evangelical movement. Ms. Hilton's credentials are impeccable and she is the right person to coordinate contributions from the key state of California according to an unnamed source within the McCain campaign. Britney Spears spiritual contributions to the Republican cause are well known. Her deep religious convictions make her the ideal person to work with the evangelical leaders in an effort to maximize support from this group throughout the country. The picture of Senator McCain with these ladies speaks for itself.

There have been unfounded rumors about misconduct regarding these two sterling young ladies which the McCain campaign sought to squash. Another unnamed source within the McCain campaign was quoted as saying, "The morality of these two young ladies is beyond question." Britney Spears who has been nominated as a mother of the year by numerous organizations, goes to church daily and is a model for clean and sober people in Hollywood. Ms. Hilton’s ability to leverage financial opportunities is unique and there is no doubt that she can bring a fresh, new approach to Republican fund-raising in California. Both Ms. Hilton and Ms. Spears said they are eager to work With Governor Schwarzenegger.

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