Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sweatshop in Queens Produced Clothes for Macys, Gap, More

"New York state labor officials are bringing one of their largest cases ever against Jin Shun, a clothing factory in Queens, New York that employed Chinese immigrants. Inspectors say the company cheated its workers out of more than $5 million in pay; instructed workers to lie to state nspectors; required 6 and 7-day workweeks, and more."

Before we go about policing the other nations of the world for their violations of human rights it is necessary for us to make sure that we have adequately policed our own nation. The picture of the sweatshop above is hardly a dingy ill-lit area in an old factory building. Rather, it is in a modern setting with modern equipment. There is no way this could have been going on without many people knowing about it. One wonders how long it was operating beforeit was finally closed down.

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Dana said...

I've always believed that as long as consumers want something for nothing - and shop on price alone - we will continue to have issues like this!