Thursday, July 31, 2008

Republican Attack Ads Sink to New Level of Absurdity

The latest Republican attack ads against Senator Obama attempt to portray him as no more than a celebrity and desperately attempt to link him up with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. These pseudo-attack ads trying to link Senator Obama to two stupor-stars of dubious intellect and reputation will likely confuse the viewers who know that Senator Obama has nothing to do with these two "young ladies." It may leave them as confused as the Republican campaign for presidency. The so-called attack ads are an insult to the people they are trying to influence, the American people. Apparently, Republican self-deception has reached the "outer limits" of what poorly put together minds can conceive.

Senator McCain who insists on attaching himself to an administration that has patented the use of self-deception, is running a campaign that is going rapidly in reverse. Other than reiterating the expected Republican pledge about not raising taxes, Senator McCain has spent much more time attacking Senator Obama's qualities than clarifying what McCain do for this country if elected president. Time is running out and it is clear that the Republican Party is getting more and more desperate. The latest attack ad is likely just a warm-up to even more vicious attack ads that will be released in September and October. By then, the Republican attack ad team will be pairing up Senator Obama with Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy. If they do, they will be giving Senator Obama a better supporting cast in Senator McCain is likely to surround himself

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Dana said...

I despise attack ads, especially when they come from the candidate I am most likely to vote for. This one was just silly and does nothing more than make him look like the unpopular kid on the playground, throwing a temper tantrum.