Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hillary the Democratic Nominee 2008?

Hillary has been vilified, torn to pieces, stomped on, and told to give it up until she finally conceded that Barack Obama would be the Democratic nominee. But wait, there are stirrings in her political grave site. People are talking about Hillary becoming the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party at the convention in Denver. Are these people delusional? Not necessarily because there is talk among Hillary supporters of having disaffected Obama delegates switch their vote to Hillary. They point out that all she needs is 175 delegates to change their vote and she will be the nominee.

In an article in the Huffington post, John Tomasic discusses this possibility as a result of the work of a PUMA (Party United My Ass), Hillary supporters who have never given up. He goes on to say to, "Obama's recent controversial positions and the deep dissatisfaction that has resulted among many progressive Obama supporters has apparently opened a window for the reluctant Democrats Obama has been trying intermittently and with mixed results to woo since the long season of primary voting wrapped up -- when Clinton suspended but never officially ended her campaign."

While this is not a likely event, it can't be ruled out entirely. If it happened it would be almost without precedent and certainly throw the presidential contest into chaos. It would certainly throw the Hillary haters and bashers into a state of profound shock, one which they might never recover from. SHE”S BACK.

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