Tuesday, July 8, 2008

McCain Pins Obama to the Wall

The presidential election was all but decided when Senator McCain uttered the magical Republican incantation. What is this magical incantation? Whenever a Republican presidential candidate wants to assure his victory he states that the Democratic candidate will raise people's taxes and the Republicans will not. Thus when McCain said that Obama will raise taxes the race became essentially over. It doesn't matter whether this is true or not, because this accusation sticks like wonder glue to the Democratic candidate.

Senator Obama naturally refuted Senator McCain's statement. His campaign political team worked overtime in showing that this was not true and how Senator Obama's tax plan would be beneficial to most of the middle class. The newspapers even challenged Senator McCain's assertion. None of this will matter because as long as you are defending yourself you are climbing uphill. It's a little like responding to the infamous question that has now become a terrible cliché, "When did you stop beating your wife?" All the other issues in the campaign will fade into the background. What about Iraq? Doesn't matter. What about the economy? Doesn't matter. What about the price of gasoline? Doesn't matter.

Senator McCain will now repeat the following refrain endlessly until his victory on Election Day.

Senator Obama will raise your taxes I will not.
Senator Obama will raise your taxes I will not
Senator Obama will raise your taxes I will not.


Jeff said...

Somebody's taxes are going to need to be raised. The true question is in which segment of the population will this occur.

That said, I'd like to believe that the 'You'll raise taxes and I won't' ploy will not work this year and I hope that the US population will understand the fact that the main reason that they need to be raised is to pay for the war in Iraq.

Dana said...

Traditionally, it's been the Dems who want more social programs that are paid for by higher taxes, but the past 8 years has shown that the Reps are just as capable of increased governmental spending.

I did see an interesting article in the LA Times that adds up Obamas agenda and questions the numbers. It's an interesting read.

The Synergist said...

If it's that simple to win elections then the Republicans would already hold every elected office - which is obviously not the case. So while your optimism about the cleverness of the Republicans to control voters is on record, empirical data obviously contradicts your conclusion.

Neil Benson said...


That was sarcasm not optmism. The people have been fooled long enough, maybe they've learned something from spending by the current administration without paying for it.