Saturday, July 12, 2008

Madonna Exploiting Everyone

It's hard to keep track of the various celebrities and personalities that Madonna has been seen with and alleged to have some relationship with. I guess that's just part of being Madonna. When you're 49, and not exactly the youngest, hottest woman on the front page, you need to keep doing things that will keep you there. In doing so, a number of other people get used and abused. Again, that's probably just part of being Madonna. If nothing else, Madonna serves as a diversion from thinking about the recession, the housing crisis, the unending war in Iraq and other minor details.

Madonna is a great success at keeping herself in the public eye. A recent Yahoo article links her with Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod), Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Vanilla Ice, and a number of other people. It's really hard to keep track. There's even a scene of her locking lips with Gwyneth Paltrow. In view of all the people that Madonna has been associated with I'd be awful careful before I'd lock lips with her, not that such a thought ever entered my mind. Madonna's big thing these days is her devotion to the Kabbalah which involves Jewish mysticism and special rites and rituals. Madonna's free to the study anything she wants, but there are a lot of Jewish people, myself included, who wish she'd study something else, perhaps high in Tibetan Himalayas.

Madonna is totally about Madonna and is the epitome of the "me" generation. She's a study in self-absorption and if somebody called her narcissistic I'd be the last person to disagree. Why am I writing about her? This is supposed to be a blog about political, economic, and social issues. I maintain that Madonna is one hell of a social issue. She's been around for more than to 25 years, and given her physical condition its likely that she'll be around for another quarter of a century. That'a daunting thought. It's likely Madonna will continue to come up with new things to amuse us and keep herself in the headlines.

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