Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston - one horrible incident of living in the times of terrorists

My youngest daughter lives and works in Boston. She contacted me after the explosion to assure me she was okay. My concern abated, but it will be a long time before the people of Boston and the surrounding cities can walk the streets without thinking about the horrible event. Unfortunately, this is likely to happen again, if not in Boston, then somewhere else.

It will be interesting to learn if the two Chechens did this on their own or were part of a more extensive terrorist plot. Young men with typical Caucasian features, light coloring, and no background of associations with radical groups, present the worst case scenario for the national terrorist defense system.

We are in a not so undeclared war with people who operate outside the laws of humanity, which has no foreseeable end. While I am against the death penalty on most matters, I have no sympathy for American citizens who go to Al Qaeda camps so they can prepare themselves to set off bombs against the people of the world.  Taking the fight to the terrorists is absolutely necessary. They must know at all times that their next moment may be their last.
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