Monday, May 19, 2008

Senator McCain's Memory Problems?

Senator McCain is exposed uttering an unending stream of contradictions/misstatements in a recently released video on Youtube. For example, in a brief video he makes a statement that it is safe enough in Baghdad to walk on the streets unprotected. Immediately thereafter, another piece of video footage shows Senator McCain wearing a flak jacket and surrounded by soldiers. He goes on to say that General Petreaus goes out every day in an unarmed vehicle. The next piece of video shows him being contradicted in that the general of course goes out in a heavily armored vehicle. Senator McCain's response is hopeless. The video goes on ad nauseam.

It would be kind to portray these instances as memory problems, and in a sense one hopes they are. Because if they are not, then the senator does not say what he means or mean what he says. If they are memory problems, serious questions are raised about his ability to manage his own finances, let alone be President of the United States. My grandmothers had a succinct expression for a situation like this. It consisted of the words "Oy gevalt.” What more can I say? Better yet, what will the Republicans say?

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Talisman said...

And the sad thing is this video will never get farther than youtube because the person doing it would be compared to Michael Moore and accused of "falsely" piecing together film to prove his/her point regardless of the truth and validity.