Saturday, May 17, 2008

President Bush's History of Appeasement

A number of people have sought out this post likely because of its title. What follows is a satirical/sardonic commentary on the president's inappropriate and offensive use of the term appeasement.

President Bush's use of the term appeasement marked the official beginning of the cage fight for the next presidential election. Throw out the Marquis of Queensberry rules and let no quarter be asked or given. Of course, the president didn't mention Senator Obama by name, but anyone with a half a brain, including the ultra right conservative radio talk show hosts, knew who he meant. Before going any further, it is imperative to understand what appeasement is.

Appeasement is not talking to a terrorist or someone who may not have your best interests at heart, but rather involves some overt act of giving them something in an effort to mollify their aggressive/hostile intentions. Chris Matthews gave a hard history lesson to Kevin James who was so thick skulled he failed to understand how utterly foolish he had been in not knowing what the term appeasement meant. The president didn't define what appeasement meant. Surely he knows the difference. One hopes.

Using the looser definition of appeasement, which probably fits the needs of the Republican Party, President Bush stands out as one who has a history of being an appeaser. Am I kidding? The record speaks for itself.

After the Democrats won control of the Congress thanks to the president’s bungling policies in Iraq and elsewhere, the entire nation saw him meet time and again with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Hasn't Nancy Pelosi terrorized the Republican Party for years? If meeting with a terrorist is appeasement, then the president was guilty, guilty, guilty. Of course the president being the guileful politician he is, Speaker Pelosi walked away with little more than a handshake.

Another instance of the president's meeting with a terrorist were his interviews with Barbara Walters. Anyone who has seen Ms. Walters’s interviews with people over the years had to notice that the majority of people she has interviewed ended up in tears at one point or another during the interview. Clearly this is an act of emotional terrorism and for the president to meet with her is to meet with a terrorist. Guilty, guilty, guilty.

Lastly, and most egregiously, on May 8, 2008 President Bush met with the players of the New York Giants defense. These defensive warriors had repeatedly terrorized Tom Brady of the New England Patriots in snatching away the Super Bowl championship in February. Again, guilty, guilty, guilty.

Before casting the first stone, the president should have been more mindful of his own actions.


Anonymous said...

I can see why there are no comments posted. This writter makes a sorry comparison. It really is a nonsense article that doesn't really support the point of view.

Neil Benson said...

I must have failed to make intent clear. The post was intended to be satire bordering on the farcial, not anything to be taken at face value. This would be similar to most of the utterances of President Bush.