Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Seantor Clinton Wins Kentucky and Karlrovia

Senator Clinton easily won the primaries in the states of Kentucky and Karlovia. The win in Kentucky was widely expected, but the win in Karlrovia was a relatively new development. Karlrovia, not one of the 50 states or ancilliary voting areas such as Guam and Washington D.C., was recently added as an ad-hoc state by the conservative wing of the Republican party. Karlrovia is a permanent state of confusion caused by listening to Karl Rove for more than 15 seconds.

Recently, Mr. Rove allegedly released secret polling data showing Senator Clinton to be a stronger candidate the Senator Obama. Mr. Rove's intention was to cause chaos and confusion in the Democratic party by giving Senator Clinton a reason to fight for the nomination even after Senator Obama had more than enough delegates to clinch the nomination. The only persons fooled by this charade were Mr. Rove, his pet poodle ZsaZsa, and a few odd conservative Republicans. Mr. Rove's credability took a swan dive after leading the Republican party to disastrous losses in the 2006 elections. Senator Clinton's victory in Karlrovia gives her permanent possession of the American Idol's "You picked the wrong song" trophy. When asked about this honor, Senator Clinton said she would be donating the trophy to Smithsonian Institution for their permanent Mad Magazine Collection.

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