Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Senator Clinton Overwhelms Senator Obama

In a crucial game in West Virginia, Senator Clinton badly defeated Senator Obama by a score of 66 to 27. Despite Obama's previous basketball experience, he was no match for Clinton on this night. Senator Clinton hit five three pointers and continually drove by Senator Obama for lay-up after lay-up. Senator Clinton was just as dominating on the defensive end where she continually put physical pressure on Senator Obama and prevented him from going around her for any lay-ups. Former West Virginia high school basketball coach "Munch Murdoch" said that "Hillary clearly intimidated Barack tonight." At six foot five and 350 pounds, Coach Murdoch surely knows the meaning of physical intimidation. Senator Clinton declined to be hoisted on Coach Murdoch's shoulder and do a victory lap after the game.

Statements by Senator Obama that the game really didn't count gave some credence to Senator Clinton's remarks about Senator Obama's ability to handle the pressure of the big-time game. Senator Clinton went on to say that she expects to compete in the same manner in the general election in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and other key industrial basketball states. There were allegedly some remarks from Obama supporters that Senator Clinton had run up the score. On that count, this reporter says, "If you can't take the heat don't play one-on-one." Senator Obama's favored to win in Oregon, but Senator Clinton says that she will fight each game until the tournament is over.

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Talisman said...

Ok, I'm not the brightest crayon in the box; but, doesn't Obama really still have this in the bag even after Clinton's win last night? WHY is she still dragging this out? It's getting kind of silly.

Does she really have any chance to win?