Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hillary's Last Stand

You’re circling the wagons for one last stand.
It's a grand gesture but it just won't work.
There are too many out there saying quit, quit, quit.
Some old enemies are saying it with glee.
Others in the party say it's time to concede,
because Obama’s the candidate to run in the fall.
You've worked long and hard but you didn't succeed.
You know in your heart you can beat that Republican hack.
You were supposed to be president, it says so right here.
But the Grinch can steal more than just Christmas.
If Obama loses you could run next time.
But can your body and soul take one more such a grind?
Maybe Vice President wouldn't be so bad.
But Michelle won't have you, and Nancy just cringes.
You can still be senator and wield much power.
Think of the Bush-ites to torture and mangle.
They'll be hearings aplenty about his scandalous regime.
An indictment or two would cheer you up.
Maybe the future just isn't so bad.

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