Sunday, March 8, 2009

Little Jail Time for Maddoff ?: No Justice Here

The statue of justice has often been portrayed as blind. Now the statue it should be portrayed as deaf, dumb, and blind. Martha Stewart served months in jail for lying to federal authorities. Charles Barkley went to jail for drunken driving. But now it appears that Bernie Madoff, the architect of the $50 billion Ponzi scheme, will be serving very little jail time. This is a man that should be the last prisoner at Guantánamo. I would let all the people that he cheated determined his punishment.

Madoff didn't just steal from people; he took their lives away from them. He also bankrupted charities and foundations. People who thought they were his friends found themselves selling their houses because all of their money was gone. He looked everyone in the eye, smiled, and shook their hand. Then he took their money and made it vanish. Broken lives, broken dreams, broken hearts and a long detritus of the psyches and souls other people are Madoff's final investment return. What else can we expect from the judicial system that let Wall Street portray high-risk products as AAA investments with a minimal number of convictions? Shame. Shame. Shame.

Maybe it's time for Clint Eastwood to saddle up one last time and take a slow ride down Wall Street before he arrives at Madoff's apartment.

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