Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Arriana Huffington in Need of Further Sedation

Once the Obama campaign against Senator McCain began to get underway, President Obama shifted his campaign to a more centrist focus. Arriana Huffington, the Liberal Democrat doyenne, wrote an all-knowing column advising then Senator Obama to get back to his liberal left roots. This column detailed everything Obama needed to do in order to win the presidency. Fortunately for President Obama, he continued with his centrist ways and ended up winning an historic election.

Now Ms. Huffington is taking on Secretary of Treasury Geithner, and, if she hasn't been paying attention, President Obama once again. In her words, "Take the Steering Wheel out of Geithner's Hands." Ms. Huffington got specific in her concerns about Geithner

"But the issue isn't Geithner's delivery, it's what he's delivering: an approach to the crisis that is as toxic as the assets that have hamstrung the economy. Geithner, brilliant and hardworking though he is, is trapped within a Wall Street-centric view of the world and seems incapable of escaping.

That's why every proposal he comes up with is déjà vu all over again -- a remixed variation on the same tried-and-failed let-the-bankers-work-it-out approach championed by his predecessor, Hank Paulson."

It should be noted that she is not alone in these concerns. However, Ms. Huffington's range of advice for President Obama continues to be extensive, and at times relentless. Well, if anything happens to Rahm Emanuel or David Axelrod, the president knows where to turn for his next chief adviser.

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