Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin: "I'm Just Your Average Hockey Mom in Alaska

John McCain surprised everyone, including himself, in his selection of his vice presidential candidate. If Senator McCain becomes the next president, Governor Palin who described herself as, "Just your average hockey Mom" will be a heartbeat away from the most powerful office on the planet. And McCain was questioning Obama's qualifications? Governor Palin needs to be told that if something happens to President McCain she won't be playing hockey or watching her kids play hockey.

Senator McCain has made one of most ludicrous decisions in the history of the United States. This is a woman he met with once who is currently under investigation in the State of Alaska for using improper interference in getting her sister-in-law's ex-husband fired. Is that what she's going to be doing as vice president? One cringes at the thought of what she might do as president.

On the Larry King show tonight James Carville and McCain adviser Nancy Pfotenhauer argued Governor Palin’s credentials to be vice president. Ms. Pfotenhauer had a continuous disingenuous smile as she blathered absolute nonsense about Governor Palin's qualifications. Ms. Pfotenhauer appeared to be a windup McCain cheerleader who lost all contact with common sense when she said that Governor pale was more qualified than Senator Obama. As a matter of fact, commonsense did not appear to be an objective of hers. She was on television to repeat rote remarks and accomplish the Republican mission of electing Senator McCain. It is likely the Republicans would continue their mantras about Senator McCain even if he was frozen in ice. The last part would be an apt description of Ms. Pfotenhauer’s smile.

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