Sunday, August 24, 2008

Liberal Democrats Successfully Electing another Republican

The Liberal Democrats who have given the American people Michael Dukakis, Walter Mondale, and John Kerry have given us their latest victim, Barack Obama. Instead of searching for Democratic candidate who can win the presidency these people are wedded to the idea that they need to nominate someone who embodies all of their ideals. Unfortunately, these ideals are not shared by the majority of American people outside of the East Coast, California, and Oregon. In fact, it appears the vast majority of working people are unable to identify with Senator Obama.

The South appears to be lost, with only Florida and possibly Virginia in play. What's fascinating about this is that John McCain polls 25 percentage points better than Obama among the working people of the South. It's fascinating because if these people sat down and thought about how they've fared under Republican administrations they would see that they have been ripped off year after year after year. Universal health care is no longer being discussed and the working people of the South are among those with the lowest percentage of people covered by health care plans. They have also been victimized by Republican tax cuts serving the interests of the affluent and very wealthy.

It seems almost inconceivable that a Democratic candidate could lose when the most unpopular president in recent memory sits in office. The Republican candidate cannot remember how many homes he has, whether Iraq borders Pakistan, and other minor details. I live in South Carolina where the Republican ads tell me that the government is broken and John McCain is the man to fix it. How can he conceivably fix policies that were implemented by President Bush which he plans to continue? The Republican attack machine has successfully chipped away at a very bright and capable ideologue who is still trying to explain who he is to the American people after a year of constant campaigning. Perhaps in another year or two he might be successful.

People like Maureen Dowd, who despises Hillary Clinton to a degree that is probably pathological, will surely be delighted when John McCain takes the oath of office. Four years from now Arianna Huffington will be able to advise the next Liberal Democratic candidate on how to be true to his liberal ideals while he goes down in flames.

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