Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tom Delay says Barack Obama is one of the Marx Brothers

Thursday, on the conservative Mike Gallagher radio show, former House Majority leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, said "if McCain does not define him as what he is — hey, I have said publicly, and I will again, that unless he proves me wrong, he is a Marxist." Later on that afternoon however, Tom Delay reportedly clarified his earlier remark by saying that Barack Obama is a real comedian, one of the Marx Brothers. When Senator Obama was informed by the comments made by Tom Delay he initially laughed, then wondered out loud which Marx Brother Tom Delay thought he was. Insiders say that Obama's favorite Marx Brother is Chico, because he played the piano so well.

Maybe DeLay thinks he is also one of the Marx Brothers. Probably Harpo, because he frequently had his hands in his rather large pants pockets. Although, in DeLay’s case his hands were generally in the large pockets of lobbyists. One would think DeLay would be careful in making remarks about other people given his own current circumstances. DeLay was indicted on a charge of criminally conspiring with two political associates to inject illegal corporate contributions into 2002 state elections that helped the Republican Party reorder the congressional map in Texas and cement its control of the House in Washington.

DeLay is still a free man pending his trial, but the picture below may be a "portrait" of things to come.
It's good to see the Tom Delay was able to smile about having his mug shot taken. He may not be smiling for much longer.

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Anonymous said...

Tom Delay must be on "something". Maybe it's just his ego showing.