Friday, June 20, 2008

Baby Boomers Become Seniors

Baby boomers despite their best efforts find themselves growing older and many have now passed age 60. This frightening thought has led to new vistas for people that thought they would be perpetually young. In an article in Minyanville, a web site for investors, Scott Reeves comments on the behavior of the baby boomers and what they are doing to fight off what Scott calls, "approaching geezerhood."

Scott describes what he terms "brain goosing games and exercises driven by Boomers who suddenly find themselves fat and forgetful in their 60s."

In order to keep my own brain fit in agile I play chess online and poker every Monday night. You might think that playing chess requires more brainpower, but you've never had to guess what the Monday night poker crew has in their hands. I also play Scrabble once a week with my partner who beats me with increasing regularity with her fondness for seven letter words.

Scott's final conclusion is that, "Boomers are in a sweat about losing their marbles. Of course, this is all new and no single brain workout can guarantee that cobwebs won't envelop the brain. Maybe if folks just stayed active and engaged with life, brain function wouldn't fade as quickly."

Excuse me while I eat my buttered popcorn and watch the Simpsons on my 54 inch widescreen TV

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