Friday, January 9, 2009

"Katie Couric Not Center of Known Universe”

The presidential election was decided over two months ago, but Governor Palin has kept talking. She continues to be as enlightening after the election, as she was before the election. In an incredible pronouncement, Governor Palin said, "Katie Couric is not the center of everyone's known universe." Astronomers all over the world immediately concurred with Governor Palin in her assessment. It is rumored that Katie Couric however were shocked to find out that she was not the center of the universe. This will no doubt put a damper into her next contract negotiations.

When Governor Palin was asked how she decided that Katie Couric wasn't the center of the universe, Governor Palin replied, "I just decided." End of discussion on that topic.

Still upset with what she feels was an unfair portrayal of her during it presidential campaign Governor Palin has been speaking her mind about the various injustices she suffered. In an interview posted on the Internet Governor Palin blasted what she says was the mainstream news media's regular use of unsubstantiated and often anonymous blogging in its reporting. If Governor Palin stands by her words, the one she used during the interviews she gave during the campaign, then there is no need for anyone to resort to anonymous blogging. Governor Palin came across in a way that enabled everyone to make a judgment about her capability to be the vice president of the United States. That judgment was a resounding NO WAY!

In our recent interview Governor Palin also said, "Of course I read newspapers," putting an end to the scurrilous rumors that the governor was a non-reader. While Governor Palin was having her say, she managed to take a shot at Caroline Kennedy. Governor Palin said "I've been interested to see how Caroline Kennedy will be handled. As we watch that, we'll be able to prove that there's a class issue here.” It’s not clear what class Governor Palin is referring to. Perhaps she's referring to the difference the way the press treats a self-described pit-bull soccer mom and a graduate of Columbia Law School. It wouldn't be fair to treat them differently. Would it?

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