Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hate and Anger among Right-Wing Conservative Media

Each day right wing conservative media people such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham, et al. spew forth a steady dose of anger, hatred, vindictiveness, and misinformation. O'Reilly and Beck would object to being labeled as right wing conservatives, but if they talk like a ducks, squawk like ducks, then their ducks. Feelings, as opposed to facts, are often the basis of what these people say. Americans who share the same viewpoint as these media personages get there endorphins pumped by listening to them. For the rest of us, they represent a black bile that promotes divisiveness, discourages cooperation, and contributes to the negative mood of the country.

The Constitution guarantees the right wing conservative media people the right to spew forth their venom each day. The nature of the society in which we live allows them to distort, misinterpret, and sometimes lie about what is happening and why it is happening. These people are much better at tearing down and criticizing then they are at providing positive solutions. In fact, providing positive solutions would be counterproductive to their ability to draw an audience of angry, frustrated people. President Obama is routinely referred to as a socialist, or at least it is implied that he is. None of them could possibly hear the president when he stated that he had no wish to run auto companies or run banks, and that he had enough other issues to deal with. No, no, no, they mustn't let the truth interfere what they are saying.

Fox News, the kennel in which many of these people dwell, held a tea party protesting taxes and other things, which was about as successful as the previous administrations policies on most everything. Rush Limbaugh, who rants and raves and huffs and puffs like an overweight big bad Wolf, has reached the point where no one in the Republican Party dares challenge him. Glenn Beck hysterically preaches that it is 1938 again and that we are appeasing people who are about to destroy us. He even cries over the situation, but then later admits that it's all part of the show. Sean Hannity said, "That's what Mr. Obama said today, doing his best Dixie Chicks impression while his new world order tour traveled across Europe." Devilishly incisive Mr. Hannity is. Rush Limbaugh has said that he wants President Obama to fail. Of course, there's a little problem in that sentiment because if Obama fails, the country suffers. Small detail for Rush.

Last, but not least, is Ann Coulter whose model for political commentary is the spitting cobra. Her contribution to a more harmonious and peaceful world was her statement, "My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building." How charming. That's all folks.


Carol said...

Hi, my name's Carol, I'm from Australia, and I've just discovered your blogs. (good vampire stories blog :) Totally agree about the crazy right-wing pundits.


Anonymous said...

your showing your education....child of Ceasar
the Lord in heaven gave you a brain now use it and stop being a mimmic for the left

Anonymous said...

I am proud to be RIGHT

Melanie said...

I am so tired of the right wing feeling free to spew whatever venom that comes up. Grow a pair and even if it hurts just a little bit, help your fellow American as you say you you care so much about. Are you about America or Americans?

Anonymous said...

anyone who wants to understand the psyche of extreme right wing conservatives would do well to google personality disorders

In other words, if this was a cocktail the recipe would be: one part nacissism, two parts paranoia, one part borderline psychotic!

Beau eRomantica said...

I'm Beau, an Australian that lives half time in the US - the South.

The US has a president, duly elected by the principles that the Right and the Left apparently hold dear.

The president is not a black president, a left wing president or any other silly adjective (maybe tall?) but the US President.

For the next 3 years - back him to the hilt or risk being Anti-American. Vox Populi rules. Only fools and bad sports believe that there is any value to their own credibility by not getting with the program.

The world needs the US President to be damned good at what he does, and to be left alone to get on with it - certainly within the checks and balances afforded by the great American Way, and he is doing that.

Nay saying is the most Anti-American disease I have seen - the reason for the anger, violence and hatred that is sweeping the country. This needs to be stopped, because it makes the US look childish in the eyes of the world, and shows chinks in the armor of the giant.

It is through those very chinks that the Fall of the Roman Empire came about, and the US people are leading the Anti-US sentiment around the world.

Band together - make the best of the current situation - support your leader - so he can support you.
At the next election - the people that have helped the US most will have their chance to stand for the position, and currently, none of the Right Wing have anything positive to say for the US, nothing to actually say they have helped the US people in this pivotal time.

Shortly, I will get to vote for my President - I want that person to have a track record of assistance to the country - not be a negative little school yard bully that only has hate and bigotry as a platform.

Help me out here, America....

barb said...

President Obama is doing a good job considering all he has had and does have to deal with.
I pray that this country will never again be led by the republican party as long as so many of the leaders and followers are filled with so much hatred and vitriol.

Anonymous said...

Ha, you lefties are so funny, especially the people from Australia. They dont have a clue as to the founding of our constitution and what it means to stand up in the face of tyranny. Obama is taking our country over by government control, and you guys are totally oblivious to what is going on. The only thing that gives me comfort is that the American people have awaken, and he has no chance in HELL to get re-elected. Democrats will lose control BIG TIME in November, and Obama is next. Maybe this is what we needed for the people to see the true face of a european style government. Obama ruined any chance of liberals having a majority for the next 50 years until the next generation comes around and votes them back in out of ignorance. Im glad Obama got elected. You guys just got screwed politically. It is time for a true conservative to stand up in this our of darkness. I can see things getting better soon. What a bunchj of losers.

Anonymous said...

what the hell has Obama done and do you feel safer now than you did 3 years ago and why is supporting a hate capitalism group from Canada