Thursday, October 2, 2008

McCain: Life Isn't Fair

John McCain's astonishing discovery that life isn't fair, which he shared on Fox and Friends, can be viewed as one of the revelatory discoveries of this presidential campaign (see below). Gee John, if life isn't fair for someone who has more houses than he can remember and more cars than he can count, can you imagine how it is for the rest of us who live on a mere pittance compared to what you. McCain was referring to the fact that Obama has greatly benefited in the polls from the economic crisis. That isn't fair to you? Seems to me this economic crisis occurred under a Republican administration which had all but abandoned the concept of regulating the financial markets.

If life doesn't seem fair to you, then can you imagine how it might seem to a single mother raising two children earning less than $20,000 a year. Might you imagine how it seems to a couple with two children earning $50,000 a year between them but spending $2000 a month for health insurance. Better yet, how unfair would life be for a working person with a chronic medical condition who doesn't have any health insurance and cannot obtain necessary and appropriate medical care.

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Anonymous said...

McCain is out of touch. If he could use a computer, then he could read your blog and "understand" the regular Joe's life a little better.