Wednesday, September 3, 2008

McCain Campaign Got Talent

If some people were worried that the Republican convention wouldn't be able to match the excitement generated at the Democratic convention and Barack Obama's sensational speech, recent days have shown that they had nothing to worry about. First Senator McCain rolled out the least qualified vice presidential candidate unimaginable to the astonishment of most of America. Having gotten everyone's attention, the McCain campaign then proceeded to unequivocally state that Governor Palin was more qualified than Senator Obama. This led to incredulity, anger, outrage, and a whole post of other emotions that would have earned the McCain campaign high marks on the hit television show "America's got talent."

A good portion of the basis for the McCain campaigns assertion that Governor Palin was more qualified than Senator Obama was her experience as mayor of a small town of 5000. James Carville showed a picture of the City Hall and proclaimed that it looked like a bait shop southern Louisiana. More high marks for the McCain campaign in terms of comedy.

America then learns that Governor Palin is a supporter of the Alaska Independence Party, as evidenced by a video of her wishing them good luck on their upcoming convention. Then we find out that Governor Palin's husband was a membership in the secessionist party at a time when the theme of the Republican convention is "Country First." This comedic piece of information would've caused the hard to please Piers Morgan to break out in laughter.

Today Senator McCain said, "Enough of this nonsense." Since Senator McCain introduced this nonsense by selecting Governor Palin as his vice presidential running mate he is responsible for the nonsense continuing till election Day. Not to be outdone by his vice presidential running mate, Senator McCain contributed his own nonsense by refusing to talk to members of the media that asked tough questions, calling them "unfair." It is certain that if the McCain campaign were eligible for, "America's Got Talent" it would certainly make the final ten.

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